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Conceived in the cauldron of demon frontman Dan Spanner’s maniacal mind, Spanner Jazz Punks are the troublesome offspring of a frenetic marriage between sleazy punk jazz and psychedelic performance art. With their roots in the legendary French chainsaw-juggling circus company Archaos, Spanner Jazz Punks have been steeped in a brew of psychedelic rock, ska, gypsy, klezmer and big band swing, and come out kicking, screaming and spinning yarns of quixotic, tragic, heroic ne’er-do-well adventure.


“Bringing the spirit of festivals-past to life with a foot-friendly mashup of madcap theatre, frenetic jazz and Eastern European mayhem, Spanner Jazz Punks had the tent packed to overflowing during their energetic and visually absorbing set. Years of musical and circus experience combine perfectly to produce an engaging set, perfect for any festival stage.”Michael Dog (Dogs in Space, Solfest)

“Very very cool… like Duke Ellington played by aliens mixed with Japanese Mexican porn film music… psychedelic zither, grimy organ, bass clarinet… unique stuff…!”
Raphael Mann (Frizz Records)                                                            
“Like attending a party in a particularly malnourished part of Frank Zappa’s frontal lobe.” 
Not Enough Notes E-Zine
“A theatrical figure reminiscent of Tiger Lillies’ Martyn Jacques and Ian Dury, Dan Spanner led the band in sounds that colourfully blended Jazz, Ska, Balkan beats, Blues and Hip Hop, but also circus and Vaudeville.”
Live At Your Local


Having serenaded the dance floors of such sweat-fests as Hootananny Brixton, Passing Clouds, Secret Garden Party, Solfest, Stranger Than Paradise, Gypsy Hotel, Rumpus, and more besides, Spanner Jazz Punks have cultivated an epic theatrical performance style that incorporates awe-inspiring stunts, and sparks off mass dancing on bars in the process.

With an album due out in early 2013, and following their success on the festival circuit in the UK and France, Spanner Jazz Punks continue on their road to The Roundhouse, pushing the boundaries of live music and performance as hard they can, creating a veritable Heath Robinson spectacle, stopping only momentarily to pick up some of the debris…

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